About Us


Our Company

Indonesia is a tropical country in South East Asia, a place where tropical plants are very easy to grow and cultivated. Indonesia has many variant of cocoa, coffee and coconut plants. That is why we choose Indonesia to make our products.

Our office and factory are located in the Island of Paradise, Bali. One of the most beautiful island in Indonesia. Millions of people came to Bali every year to enjoy their holiday. We wish we can meet you someday in Bali.

The values of the company

  1. Integrity
  2. Professionalism
  3. Innovation
  4. Productivity
  5. Care


Becoming a Multi National Corporation and IPO.


  1. Building a business network that includes a network of production, marketing, sales, and distribution throughout the world.
  2. Creating products that are certified with international global standards.
  3. Build a financial system that is guided by the principles of corporate governance.
  4. Developing Human Resources distinguished Global competitiveness that characterless, credible, and competent.
  5. Make innovation, research and development as an important part of sustaining business continuity.

Our Product

PT. Infinity Surya Jaya Produce Cocoa, Coffee and Coconut products. We build strong partnership with Cocoa, Coffee and Coconut farmers around Indonesia.

Our company and Indonesian Farmers help each other. They provide best quality raw material to us, and we produce various products from their raw material.

We care about the farmers not only as our business partner, but also as one part of our big family.

Our Brand

PT. Infinity Surya Jaya has very special brand for Cocoa, Coffee and Coconut products, which called NIBS.

Nibs has Chocolate Nibs for Cocoa Products, Nibs Coffee for Coffee Products, Nibs Coconut for Coconut Products.

All of our products made from Fair Trade and organic products from Local Farmers around Indonesia. UTZ Certified.